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Spam track

Hi Markus,

just to keep the track of it, here is a spam removed this morning :

free hugs --Dieudonné 28 octobre 2007 à 07:47 (CET)

New spam on the same page. Would you allow me to restrict certain pages to registered users ?

--Dieudonné 4 novembre 2007 à 17:04 (CET)

Thanks for the Special:Log/rights ;-)

--Dieudonné 5 novembre 2007 à 13:25 (CET)

Why gfkwiki.de and upgrade to MediaWiki 1.11

Hi Markus,

do you know why it is sometimes changing from nvcwiki.com to gfkwiki.de ?

by the way could it be possible to upgrade to MediaWiki 1.11 to make it easier (due to the new "undo" fonction on "history" page) to remove spam like the one I just removed on the page Sandbox ?

thx ;-)

--Dieudonné 31 octobre 2007 à 08:52 (CET)

Edit toolbar disappears

Do you know why the Edit toolbar disappeared ?

--Dieudonné 5 novembre 2007 à 13:33 (CET)