Présentation de la CNV par Louise Romain, formatrice certifiée par le CNVC

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Louise Romain, formatrice certifiée par le CNVC, présente la CNV sur You Tube

Pour le moment, c'est en anglais ; la traduction du texte ci-dessous et un sous titrage de la vidéo sont en cours.

A language of life - Nonviolent Communication is a dynamic process developed internationally in high conflict situations for mediation and reconciliation. This is now increasingly applied in personal lives and businesses for developing self-awareness, improving decision-making and negotiation, and increasing effective communication. Fostering an atmosphere of openness and trust, it is excellent for promoting loving relationships, radically increasing the quality of colleague and customer relations, supporting efficient and motivated working environments, replacing blame-cultures with a learning environment, resolving difficulties and conflicts when they arise.

Video credits: Danielle Fazzio Huber Louise Romain is one of many trainers in the world certified with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication

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